Normal Procedures

Normal Procedures Contents:

  • Normal Checklist
  • General Information
  • Preflight
  • Engine Start
  • Taxi Out & Takeoff
  • Climb
  • Cruise
  • Descent - Approach
  • Landing
  • Taxi-In & Park
  • Flight Patterns
  • Adverse Weather Operation

Normal Checklist

Before Start
After Start
Before Takeoff
After Takeoff
Descent - Approach
After Landing

General Information

Pilot's Panel Scan Sequence
F/E's Panel Scan Sequence
Standard Callouts
Additional Category II & IIIA Callouts


External Safety Inspection - F/E
Cockpit Safety Inspection - F/E
Preliminary Cockpit Preparation - F/E
Exterior Inspection
- F/E
Final Cockpit Preparation
- F/E
Cockpit Preparation - C & F/O
Amplified Before Start Checklist

Engine Start

Engine Start Procedure - JT9D Engines
Engine Start Procedure - CF6 Engines
After Start Procedure
Amplified After Start Checklist

Taxi Out & Takeoff

Taxi Out Procedure
Amplified Before Takeoff Checklist
Takeoff Procedure
Rejected Takeoff Procedure
Engine Failure After V1 Procedure
No A/C Pack Takeoff Procedure
Takeoff Procedures Using APU for Air Conditioning
After Takeoff Procedure
Amplified After Takeoff Checklist



Descent - Approach

Descent - Approach Procedure
Amplified Descent - Approach Checklist


Landing Procedure
Amplified Landing Checklist
Go-Around Procedure
Landing Roll Procedure

Taxi-In & Park

After Landing Procedure
Amplified After Landing Checklist
Parking Procedure
Amplified Shutdown Checklist

Flight Patterns

Normal Takeoff
Takeoff Engine Failure at V1
Normal Landing
ILS Flight Director Approach
VOR-LOC, NDB, ASR Approach
Circling Approach
Noise Abatement Takeoff

Adverse Weather Operation

Cold Weather Operation:
  • Exterior Safety Inspection
  • Fluids for De-Icing and Anti-Icing
  • Preliminary Cockpit Preparation
  • Engine Start
  • After Engine Start
  • Taxi Out
  • Takeoff
  • Climn Cruise
  • Cold Temperature Altitude Corrections
  • Descent - Approach
  • Landing
  • Taxi-In and Park
  • Securing for Overnight or Extended Period

Hot Weather Operation:
  • Preliminary Cockpit Preparation
  • Taxi-Out
  • Takeoff
  • Landing
  • Brake Cooling

Landing on Wet or Slippery Runways:
  • Crosswind
  • Touchdown and Landing Roll
  • Auto-Brake Stopping
  • Manual Brake Stopping
  • Reverse Thrust Crosswind
  • Turnoff
  • Summary Chart

Severe Turbulence:
  • Structural
  • Safety Belts
  • Power Plant
  • Yaw Damper
  • Climb and Cruise
  • Auto Flight in Severe Turbulence
  • Manual flight in Severe Turbulence
  • Descent


Moderate to Heavy Rain, Hail or Sleet