Flight Training

Several training providers still offer B747 Classic courses on full motion simulators.

As of 2011 these included Pan Am in Miami for FAA and Quadrant Systems near London for JAA.
Details ot the simulators and contact information is provided in the Simulator section of this website.

Expect at least a week of Ground School, a written exam followed by an FAA designee Oral, then SIT (Systems Integration Training 2 days) and  20+ hours of full motion simulator.

Costs start at $14000 if you have a 3 man crew to provide seat support or $16000 for individual students.

The USA course duration is 25 days with accomodation discounted nearby. 

Assuming you are current on flying instrument skills budget on about $20,000 USD for an all-in cost.

Non US Citizens have to undertake TSA approval before training. 

Allow 3 weeks for approval before you can be fingerprinted by an approved service provider, then another week for final clearance. 
TSA charge $100+ for each training event and the fingerprinting service will also charge $110. 
Allow at least one month before course start date.

Ensure you complete the visual circling exercise to avoid having a limitation on your licence.