B747 Classic Simulators

 Only 12 remaining B747-200/300 Simulators active Worldwide
March 2011

Follow this link for the FAA listings on approved Active / Inactive B747 Classic simulators:


Below are a some of the sims that we have used:

8 in USA - 3 are in Florida with non-Airline permitted acces (subject to TSA approval for non US Citizens).

Pan Am (Use 2 at Atlas Air & 1 at former Aeroservices in Miami)  Both are within half a mile of eachother.

B747-200 at Atlas Air: # MIA816
Level C

B747-249F at Atlas Air # MIA106 -  No 2 Sim Not Certified for Circling
Level C

B747-341 at Pan Am (old Aeroservice)
Level C

Delta Airlines have 2 in Minneapolis:   
#118 & #311
Kalitta Air have 1 in Ypsilanti:             #941
United Airlines have 2 in Denver:         #29 & #952


1 in Germany - Frankfurt with Pegasus:  http://www.pegasusir.com/srvc/ft.html#sim

2 in United Kingdom: Bournemouth & Burgess Hill (Gatwick):

European Skybus Limited:   European http://www.eaac.co.uk/flight_training.php

B747-200 COMBI

The Boeing 747-200 is a four engine wide bodied commercial airliner. Ideal for carrying passengers and/or freight with a 377,800 kg max take-off weight and a range of over 12,000 Km. The 'Jumbo Jet' has been the backbone of commercial aviation since the early '70s with many variants in operation.

Simulator Features

The simulator was manufactured by CAE in 1988. The host computer is a VAX 8530. The visual system is an SPX500, 4 Window Juxtaposed with Daylight / Dusk / Dawn / Night and Snow Scenes. Generic & specific airports are available.
The motion is a full 6 axis hydrostatic hydraulic powered platform constructed by CAE, control loading is digital. Radio aids are worldwide.
The engine type is Rolls Royce RB211-524D4. Approval: JAA-FSTDA Level CG - UK/CAA Number YE-115.

Additional Simulator Specifications

TCAS (+visual), EGPWS, WX, FMC/FMS, Triple Touch Screen I.O.S., Wind Sheer & Lesson Plans.
The simulator currently holds Zero Flight Time [ZFT] status.

Quadrant Systems Limited:

B747-200/300 Full Flight Simulator Technical Description
Simulator General Description. Owner Quadrant Systems Limited. Location Burgess Hill, West Sussex, UK
Manufacturer Singer Link Miles. In-Service Date July 1994. Current Status Certified and Operating in Training
Simulated Aircraft. Aircraft Manufacturer Boeing 747-200/300. Engine Manufacturer / Model PW JT9D-7F / PW JT9D-7R4G2
Qualification / Certification. Authority Country Standard Classification. CAA United Kingdom JAR-FSTD A Level BG
CAD Hong Kong Level BG. Certification Event Certifying Authority Date. Initial Qualification CAA 20 June 2007
Aircraft Avionics. Unit / System Manufacturer / Model. Flight Management System Canadian Marconi CMA 900
AFCS Triple Channel Sperry SPZ1. Flight Compartment. Engine Instrumentation Analog. Flight Instrumentation EFIS/Analog (Sperry)
TCAS II Version 7. Weather Radar. PMS. Auto Throttle Installed. Motion System. Manufacturer / Model Singer Link Miles.
Type (Hyd/Elec) Hydraulic.  Motion System Drive Digital.  Number of Axis 6. Jack Stroke Length 60”. Control Loading System
Primary Controls. Manufacturer / Model Singer Link Miles. Type (Hyd/Elec) Hydraulic. Control System Drive Digital
Number of Primary Channels 5. FO Elevator (Column)Yes. Secondary Controls. Number of Secondary loaded Channels 7. Nosewheel (Tiller). Throttle Lever Right Engines (AT) Yes. Throttle Lever Left Engines (AT) Speed Brake. Stab Trim. Visual System – Image Generator. IG Manufacturer / Model Rockwell Collins ESIG 3800GT. Number of Channels 3. Visual System – Display System. Display Type Barco Monitor Replacement Projector. Juxtaposed Optical System. Field of View 150 x 40 degrees. Projector Manufacturer / Model Barco MRP. Window Display Configuration Cross Cockpit View. Visual Scenes. Certification Airports EGCC, EHAM, VHHH
Custom Airport Models 30. Others Whole 3D world, Generic Airports. Host Computer / Linkage
Manufacturer / Model Harris NightHawk 4400. Operating System / Version UNIX CX/UX 7.1. I/O Interface Singer Link Miles
Instructor Station, Manufacturer / Model Quadrant Systems Limited, IOS Onboard Yes, IOS Display 2 x 19” colour TFT
Computer Silicon Graphics (IRIS), Remote Control Unit No, Malfunctions Available Commonly used malfunctions
Aural Cue System, Manufacturer / Model Singer Link Miles / QSL B747 model, Type / Description Digital
Simulated Special Effects, FAA / JAA Approved Windshear, Microburst Model(s), Simulated Oxygen System.



1 in Pakistan - Karachi at PIA: http://www.piac.com.pk/pia_engineering/pia-engineering_AreasnServices.asp

Want to buy your own sim ?  
Try:  http://www.globalsimex.com/devices.html