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Contributors names will be listed with gratitude, however, any requests for privacy wil be respected.

I would like to thank the following for their invaluable and professional guidance during my early days of B747-200 flying:

Capt. Hal Lexo (Pan Am)

Capt. Tom Yon (Pan Am)

Capt. Cliff Phillips (BA & Virgin)

Capt. Campbell Mackenzie

Capt. Peter Hay (CX)

Capt. Vincent La Forgia

Capt. John BainesĀ  ( B747-400 type at 73 ! )

Capt. Mauricio Gandara

Capt. Reid Sutherland

F/O & F/E Mikey Matera

F/E Andy Clarke

F/E Doug Kynoch

F/E Fernando Reyes (Aeroservice & Pan Am)

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